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Dong Sun Ironware Processor, Inc.

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Our Products

Our products includes Terminals, Shafts, Pins, Joints, Bushings, Inserts, Nuts, Washers, Connectors, Ejector Pin, Core Pin, and Pin Gauges.


Our facilities has already met the Quality Standards required by Japanese and European customers.
Products we mostly manufactures are brass type of metals, depending on the material requirements of customer, we manufacture also stainless steel and other kinds of metals and conforming to drawing specifications. We also manufacture Ejector Pin, Core Pin and Pin gauges.

Our Capabilities

Aluminum and Brass insert for injection
Items are Aluminum and Brass insert for injection.


Small Shaft for Injection

Here are the pictures of our item from SHING HUNG Laguna.


QC Room

Here in this picture is our QC room were quality is strictly monitored.


Auto Lathe Machine's
As you can see in the pictures our Auto Lathe Machines are in active status.


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